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How to choose the best sleepsuit for your baby?

How to choose the best sleepsuit for your baby?

Baby sleepsuits are essential to stock while you prepare to welcome your baby. When you stroll around, you are confused how to choose the best sleepsuit for your baby with the many options available. As a first-time mom-to-be, you might ask what is a sleepsuit at the first place. Don’t worry, it’s totally fine to ask.

A sleepsuit, with baby suit generic name, is a one piece of clothes designed to keep babies comfortable as they grow. The most common sleepsuit design covers the baby’s body along the feet. Some parents prefer open-end sleepsuits, and use socks to cover those tiny edible feet. Just make sure to avoid extras like socks, mittens or hats until your baby is older as it might cause potential hazard.

Love at First Touch

The very first thing to consider when choosing the best sleepsuit for your baby is the material. As you look forward to snuggle and cuddle with your baby, remember how sensitive their skin is. For that reason, it requires sleepsuits made of 100% soft cotton, whether organic or regular. Material is very important as it’s the primary contact with your baby skin. A product tag might state 95% cotton, 5% elastane. Elastane in this percentage is not harmful, it only gives the fabric some stretchy characteristic to make it easier for dress-up.

Too warm or too cold?

Besides, the best sleepsuit for your baby must be breathable and give warmth that the baby needs. During winter or summer, make sure your baby doesn’t overheat. Choosing soft cotton, fleece or even velvet, depends on where the baby is and the surrounding temperature. If indoor, test the room temperature and decide what to dress your baby. Note that it’s important to consider layering when going outdoor. The baby might overheat if overdressed and it will be easier for you to remove a layer or two in case.


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Poppers or Zipper Fastening?

A sleepsuit is designed with a zipper fastening on one side or in the middle. The zipper can be one-way or two-way fastening. The two-way is how we prefer it as this ease diaper change as it extends down the legs.

In contrary to some beliefs, zip up sleepsuits are always a safe and convenient option. The only fear is catching the skin, however make sure there’s an extra fabric at the top to house the zipper as this Icon blue Sleepsuit.

On the other hand, you may also find cute sleepsuits with buttons – it could be called snaps or poppers. Poppers are also convenient and practical bearing in mind it is designed with snap buttons on the back and down the legs. It also is convenient to dress up a baby as it goes bottom up. Both in poppers or zip-ups, the best sleepsuit for your baby should also be the best for you practically speaking.

 Practicality and Care

If you think a baby is very demanding, think again. A baby needs just to be comfortable at all times. When choosing the best sleepsuit for your baby, aesthetics doesn’t matter as much as comfort. The baby needs to feel able to move and dressed up in the coziest pajamas that doesn’t restrict them.

Choose Right

 Whether you choose to swaddle your baby or dress them in sleepsuits from the start, it got to be chosen right. Always remember when your baby is happy, you are happy too. It’s worth to spend the time in research, reading reviews and going by advices from moms around you. It goes beyond the Eat Sleep Repeat, with comfort, softness and practicality added. Now that you’ve discovered how to choose the best sleepsuit for your baby, check out what is the best fabric for maternity pajama!